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Inspections Offered

New Home Inspection
If you are considering purchasing a newly constructed home, C & E General Contractors recommends that you allow us to perform a full home inspection before you have your "final walk-thru" with the builder. By doing so you will be in a position to have any repairs that were overlooked in the hustle of completion addressed to your satisfaction before you take delivery of the house.

Pre-Listing Inspection
Have C & E General Contractors professionally evaluate your home before listing it in the marketplace.  A pre-listing inspection will identify repair issues ahead of time eliminating any surprises and allowing you the luxury of addressing them. More and more people are choosing to have a pre-listing home inspection in order to avoid the problems of killing the deal with suprises just before the sale goes through. This trend is becoming more popular and will increase rapidly as the marketplace feels the positive impact it is having. If you want to sell your home for more and get it done faster, then consider the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection today.

Pre-Purchase Inspection
One of the most important and largest financial transactions a person will engage in is the purchase of a home. Therefore, it is essential that potential home buyers take advantage. We recommend that if all possible, the purchaser be present during the home inspection. Our thorough inspection of the property is complimented and completed by our comprehensive written report. With this information, the home buyer is in a much better position to make knowledgeable decisions about the purchase of the home.

*** Please see our "Limits of Liability" page for contract details. ***
Pools / Spas & Equipment

Though additional to the standard home inspection, pools, spas and their equipment, receive a limited visual inspection, at no extra charge. Additional charges for such items can create expectations of a meticulous, extensive report. We are not certified or licensed pool and spa experts. Therefore as a courtesy to our clients, we gladly invest the additional time necessary, and give a general overview report of the pool and/or spa conditions. If a more detailed, technical inspection is desired, we suggest a licensed pool contractor be contacted. As always, we are here to provide assistance and information in any way we can.

*** Please see our "Limits of Liability" page for contract details. ***
Home Inspection Costs

We believe in a simple fee structure. As the home gets larger, which will require more time, we request a higher fee. We set our fees to provide a fair cost to our clients for the services they receive, as well as, to compensate us fairly for the work we perform.
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House sq. ft.
    (Under House)
     0000 - 2000
     2001 - 2500
     2501 - 3000
     3001 - 3500
     3501 - 4000
     4001 +    call for quote
Payment Methods  -  Inspection fees are accepted by cash, check, and with credit card.

The fees that are listed below are subject to change without further notice and may differ depending on actual, overall conditions.

Condominium                                                    $180 & up, call for quote
All Detached Buildings                                                       call for quote

Wind Mitigation Inspection Report with Home Inspection          $50
4 Point Insurance Inspection Report with Home Inspection       $25
Re-inspection of Summary Items
                                         $50 / $75